February 2, 2013 Groundhog Day!!

So my first post. how exciting. Today I reluctantly went into school and cleaned but boy was I tired. I really don’t have a life. It is exhausting not having a life. All I do is go to work, appointments and then sit at home. Sometimes I get to hang out with friends. Boy I am so damn boring. Well the I hope the ground hog was right and winter is over sooner than later. I don’t mind the snow, but I can’t stand the cold.

I have been told I am a good listener but I am thinking about trying to lose that title. I am getting tired of hearing other peoples issues and no one asks about mine. Uhh. Why did I eat that pizza. Why did I eat that crap for lunch. It would be easier if I could rewind my life taking with me the knowledge I have now and call a do over. My life could have turned out so differently and I might actually have a personal life.

Ok! I am done bitchin for the night.